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Who would have thought in 2019 we’d be where we are right now, at home in self-isolation dealing with the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. As a creative and extrovert, it’s especially hard to create in any way, but when you’ve got the gear and the experience you can make something meaningful like the short film “Once Upon a Pandemic”.

“Once Upon a Pandemic” is the story of a young girl Maddie, self-isolated in her home during a global pandemic without help from her quarantined Mom. With the help of her Dad, Maddie uses her strength and resilience to overcome a heartbreaking twist as only a child can.

The film stars new comer Maddie Murphy-Northcott (my daughter!), Gemini Award Winning actor Kristin Booth (The Kennedys After Camelot, Young People F**king, Foolproof) and me, Ryan Northcott (Mystery, Alaska, Tribal, The Beach Boys: An American Family).

The film was written, directed, produced, shot, and edited by me, too.

Ryan Northcott Once Upon a Pandemic Short Film Festival

“Once Upon a Pandemic” was inspired by the Quarantine International Film Festival – a new film festival started by filmmakers in Calgary – but in reading the finer print I realized the “Once Upon a Pandemic” was too long for the 5-minute time restriction.

I wrote the screenplay one morning while in self-isolation, touching on the new reality that parents are navigating – teacher, entertainer, psychologist – all while trying to maintain a level of strength in a world turned upside down. What struck me was the strength and resilience that our children have exhibited, more specifically how well my daughter Maddie has handled such change.

Once Upon a Pandemic Short Film Festival Edmonton Oakville

“Once Upon a Pandemic” is both heart-breaking and heart-warming. It’s a journey that will have you smiling one minute and crying the next. It will inspire you to be as strong and resilient as a child and leave you with the feeling that our future generations have got this.

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Once Upon a Pandemic Edmonton Film Festival
Ryan Northcott

Ryan Northcott

Ryan Northcott is a Canadian actor, producer, director, writer, and cinematographer living in Calgary, Alberta. He is co-founder of MEDIAPOP Films and continues to appear in film and television.

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