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After 8 years in Los Angeles I made the decision to move back to Calgary. I wasn’t passionate about acting or auditioning, I’d really lost my love for it. I was convinced I was going to get a regular day job and just do that for the rest of my life.

But the world works in mysterious ways.

At the same time, my best friend and stellar actor David Haysom moved back to Calgary from Vancouver and that’s when lighting in a bottle struck. We decided to start writing sketch comedy skits and with Director Erik Brown, we created FUDDYTV.

It was liberating. We were able to create whatever we wanted and go to the depths of our imaginations. Dave was the driver behind the sketches and we collaborated on whatever he came up with…it was immensely fun.

“Chuck Storm”

Our first video we ever produced was “Chuck Storm News Reporter Hits Pole” and it went viral in a time where not much went viral. The video was based off a gag we pulled in high school…walk by a wall, pretend you’re not paying attention, smack the wall with your hand and flail like you’ve careened into it. Classic. It worked for Chuck Storm.

That video sits at over 3 Million views and has been on countless shows like Ellen, Maury Povich, CNN, News Knight with Trevor McDonald, hundreds of News Blooper videos, and so many more…

“Car Dance Party”

Of all the characters we played I can say one of my favourites was, of course, Boris. I’m still not sure exactly who “Boris” is, but it became our second most popular video series for whatever reason. Along with his…well…his “Juri”, their whole purpose was to dance in various places and instruct people how to do it just like Boris and Juri. Car Dance Party Moscow became a strange, but hilarious hit.

One fateful day we received an email from Toyota’s Ad Agency Happiness Brussels located in Belgium. They wanted the FUDDYTV crew to go to Belgium and produce “Car Dance Party Belgium for the Toyota Aygo.” It was unbelievable, but after a little research and a Skype call we found ourselves on a plane to film for 10 days in beautiful Belgium and produced this…

The video and the campaign that went along with it won multiple advertising awards and set Belgium on fire for a summer. It was bonkers. You can see in this video just how wide it went…

And so many more…

We were machines, churning out video after video and at one point being in the Top 100 Most Watched YouTube channels. The videos are campy, low quality, but the content still stands up. Some of my favourite videos are still from the FUDDYTV days, the likes of…

Angry Scotsman Gum

The Sweater (Modern Day Version)

Valentine’s Day Fun!

The Bride: Halloween Special

How to Have a Good Roadtrip

The Pest Controller

and of course, The Roommates Series

Ryan Northcott

Ryan Northcott

Ryan Northcott is a Canadian actor, producer, director, writer, and cinematographer living in Calgary, Alberta. He is co-founder of MEDIAPOP Films and continues to appear in film and television.

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